Updated artist statement

Looking back at the statement I had written for myself in the workshop, I had decided to expand on what I had already written to explain my intention and artistic direction in further detail.
For next term, I intend to make this statement appear more final and professional.

As I attempt to uncover and decipher my thoughts, I create work as both a coping mechanism, and a tool to understand myself better. Using a mixture of found archive footage, collage, painting and drawing, I piece together my thoughts, dreams and interests in a way which reflects my constantly changing mood and frame of mind. Themes I have been incorporating into my work are popular culture, manga and horror, which reflect my interests at the time. Previously, I have focused on painting and drawing, but I am beginning to explore film and digital art. Digital can be considered a form of presentation and publication of popular culture, therefore I take great inspiration from this in my work.

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