Expansion of previous drawing (in progress)

Taking heavy inspiration from the portrait of my housemate, along with my interest in dreams, I created a large collage and drawing, inspired by a recurring dream of hers she had as a child. In this dream, she would be stood in a field of flowers, and would pick just one daisy, which would trigger the whole world to explode. The subject is asleep in the drawing, representing her dreaming state. The flowers collaged behind her were printed in negative to signify the confusing and ‘off’ feeling of having a dream. The one daisy towards the bottom right was printed in colour to stand for the single daisy in her dream which would trigger the explosion. What interested me specifically about this dream was the potential of what it could mean for her unconscious, and her regular waking life. The idea of her picking just one flower, a relatively harmless act, could trigger the end of the world is frightening, and could represent her fear.

I intend to add more flowers at the bottom to create more dimension and better close off the edges of the piece. I am also very interested in expanding the piece by adding more flowers, with imagery representing the destruction and act of the explosion.48366644_2011740345586804_4639259970460712960_n

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