Artist statement

My work takes inspiration from many themes, including pop culture, horror, and manga. I do not like to limit myself, however my work tends to reflect my interests at the time. In my previous work, I have explored pop culture icons and religion, experimenting with sculpture, printing and painting. Previously, I have focused on painting and drawing, but I am beginning to explore film and digital art. Digital art is significant to me, as it plays an important role in the presentation and publication of contemporary media. This doesn’t apply specifically to art produced digitally, but art published on a digital platform.


VHS inspiration

I’ve edited these images to look as though they are stills from a VHS recording. The first image, reading ‘The Next World: The mind as a portal’ is based generally on dreams, and how they can be seen as an entrance to another universe. It mimics the style of 80s VHS tapes, and I’ve used an old-fashioned font with added distortion to create a sense of confusion.
The second images are based on Hellraiser, which I have been taking imagery from as inspiration.


Archive/VHS footage

Whilst researching for my dissertation, I became interested in the ways we consume visual media. I felt this was a thing to consider for my own practice, as I am interested in contemporary media. Whilst compiling videos and archival footage, I have been thinking about old and new media, and how they’ve evolved with society.

The nostalgic value of VHS tapes is something I hold close to my heart, having watched so many as a child, but strange, unsourced, home-produced commercials and and dating videos have given me particular interest. I would like to create videos inspired by footage I find myself.

I will focus on the aesthetic value of VHS clips, and use this to organise my finds into a narrative.

In the Name of Satan [1990] [VHS] [Satanic Panic]
Documentary on satanism

Kids And The Occult [VHS[
A video distributed to stop young people from being involved with the occult

Witness At Your Door [VHS] [1989]
Eyewitness of Halloween human sacrificing!! (REAL INTERVIEW!)

^ By Jeremiah Films, a media distribution company which produces Christian and anti-satanist content

90s Commercials VHS
Adverts from the US, recorded in the 90s on VHS




Compiling footage

Taking inspiration from surrealist film, I’ve begun picking apart different clips to manipulate them for what I need. Currently, I’m compiling clips which have relevance to my dreams, here I’ve not begun to interpret one dream, but the strange otherworldliness of dreams as a whole. The audio was taken from a clip of an old American advert, and slowed down to convey the slow passage of time, and to make it slightly more unsettling.

Dream diary

I have always attempted to record my dreams as much as possible. This has been difficult to remember to do over time, as I forget my dreams very quickly.
As I was researching for my dissertation, I came across Freud’s view on the unconscious mind, how dreams are likely to be thoughts of the subconscious self. I have compiled some notes about my dreams to incorporate into my later work. I would like to use my dreams as inspiration for any compilations of video I make.

John MacNair

John MacNair is a Texas-based illustrator who creates pen and ink drawings based on whimsical creatures and ideas. I took an interest after seeing his work on an album cover. The mystical, dream-like elements of his work is an idea I have looked at previously, and would like to incorporate into my own work, inspired by comics. I intend to create small ink drawings until I find a style I am happy with.