What would I consider my ‘studio’?

Following the key concept lecture on The Studio, I began to question the importance of the studio to my practice,¬† and what I’d consider to be my studio.
After reading The Function of the Studio¬†by Daniel Buren, the meaning of the studio became blurry to me; less about space and production, but the importance and relevance to exhibition, and overall artist life. The idea of work becoming ‘foreign’ to its eventual placement, like the gallery or exhibition space, was eye-opening to me. It makes complete sense however, as environment, space and the abilities a specific studio can allow you, would greatly impact ideas, quality of work and how the work is made. In a tiny studio space, would I create tiny work in correspondence with the room I am given? Is my current space holding me back? Do I adapt?
I believe my ‘studio’ is adapted to wherever and whenever I need to/am able to work. This extends to my bedroom, outside, and in the university.